Waiting sometimes is ruthless.

waiting to be relieved, the heart is waiting to be relieved, hurting for a smile at least, maybe for the perfect moment I guess, i shouldn’t wait for the perfect moment i have to make the moment perfect, not waiting, maybe for so long, maybe it’s too late to be perfect or make it perfect, it’s a different point of view, like i never loved someone to feel loved, to be with someone you don’t know what your feelings are for that someone, it kills more than a bullet to the heart, hurts like a cancer, for me it’s more than just a cancer, that’s how i feel, so soft and slow never know girl could be so god damn cold, i really don’t know, the look on her face stole my heart, i’m calm, everyone told me but i just went against the grain, never know how fucked up i’ll be for real, so exhausted i became, like an old man in my young body who’s craving for sympathy, can’t be good for my sanity, can’t be good for my lungs, cause i am already can’t breathe, something in my IV, i’ll be a casualty when morning comes, i thought she can’t get my attention, but she looted my heart, my thoughts, my brain is on fire, this is lit, i must have a split, can’t get any shit, in morning i am being hit, at night i am being doped, but didn’t get caught, but i am on the other side looking out for a guided light, oh i feel so could, in the waiting room of mine, should i start a war, always a problem if i do or don’t, i don’t have the same right, will anyone fight or write for me, pain has making me a tender, wanted to be loved, my foolish heart it hates the vacancy for that i didn’t know, what’s beside that, premature heartbreak i had that, falling in love never felt that, thinking of love i have never ever thought of that, that’s why you can find me living in the past, that’s why i shed my tears, can’t keep my head up, hold on i take that back, Allah give me the strength to fight back.

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